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Fare Vouchers (Payment Promises)

You can pay for all or part of your order using vouchers. If you are creating a recurring order, there will be a field in the order form to promise payment by voucher. For one-time orders, the opportunity to promise payment by voucher is provided during the checkout process if you have a valid credit card on file. If you promise payment by voucher, you must then send in your vouchers to be received by within ten business days. If the vouchers are not received, your default credit card will be charged the promise amount. is not responsible for:

  • Fare vouchers sent by non-traceable means such as US Mail without delivery and signature confirmation.
  • Fare vouchers sent without order information.
  • Fare vouchers sent without any identifying information.

We strongly encourage our customers to send payment vouchers through USPS Certified or Priority Mail with both delivery and signature confirmation. We also strongly encourage you to print out and fill in the Fare Voucher Mail-In Form, and send it in along with your fare vouchers.

Carrier services such as FedEx or UPS cannot be used because they will not deliver to the P.O. box.

Acceptable Fare Vouchers:

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