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Registering for Discounted Fares

From the home page,, click "Register your Senior, Disabled, or Student Advantage ID to purchase reduced-price fares." You will be taken to a form to register to use this feature at MARC TVMs. Notes about the form:

Phone Number

The phone number you enter will be your login ID at TVMs. We will also send text messages to this number, if you elect to receive text messages. We will send a text to alert you when your account has been activated, and when you request a PIN reset. We will not share your phone number with anyone.

Verify Eligibility

When registering for discounted fares, an ID will be required. If you are registering as a disabled person, and you have an MTA Disability ID, you will be able to enter the ID number. If you don't have an ID number, or are registering for Senior or Student discounts, you will be asked to email, text, or fax a photo or scan of your ID. Accepted types of ID are:

  • MTA Senior Photo ID (no longer issued)
  • Government-issued photo ID showing age 65 or older
  • MTA Disability photo ID
  • Disability ID from another transit agency and government-issued photo ID
  • Medicare card and government-issued photo ID
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