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Sign Up for a SmartBenefits Personal Account

Please be sure to read this whole page before continuing.

Light Bulb($)  What Is It?

The SmartBenefits Personal Account Service lets you apply SmartBenefits to purchases at all Commuter Store locations—including Rosslyn, Ballston, Crystal City, Odenton, and the Mobile Commuter Store—and through the mail order service.

Light Bulb($)  Who’s Eligible?

To participate in the SmartBenefits Personal Account Service you will need a SmarTrip card AND your employer must have you registered in Metro’s SmartBenefits program.

Light Bulb($)  How Does It Work?

With a SmartBenefits Personal Account, your commuting benefits are placed in a personal Commuter Store or account, so you can purchase fares from any local transit system. For the purposes of SmartBenefits Personal Accounts, having a SmarTrip card permits us to assign a unique identification number for your SmartBenefits account to access your benefits.

If you only use a transit provider that does not accept SmarTrip cards for payment, such as VRE and MARC, or if you plan to receive all of your fare media (tickets, passes, etc.) through Commuter Direct’s mail order program, do not download your benefits onto your SmarTrip card.

If you will be using your SmartBenefits for multiple modes of transit (such as VRE/MARC and Metrorail/Metrobus), you can allot some of your benefits to a Personal Account (for VRE, MARC, etc.) and download the rest to your SmarTrip card (for use on Metrorail, Metrobus, etc.).

Remember, anything downloaded directly to your SmarTrip card cannot be used on VRE, MARC and other transit agencies that do not use accept SmarTrip cards for fare payment.

Light Bulb($)  How Do I Sign Up?

On the next few pages, we will be asking for some information. First, we will ask you how you will be using your SmartBenefits: in person at a Commuter Store location, creating a new customer account, or adding SmartBenefits to an existing account. Then we will ask you for the information needed to register your SmarTrip card with Metro and set up your SmartBenefits Personal Account.

We will send you an email when your account setup has been completed.

One final note: timing is everything. In order to participate for the following month, your employer needs to have you in Metro’s SmartBenefits system by the 15th of the month, and you also need to apply for your SmartBenefits Personal Account by the 15th of the month.


Please agree to the terms and conditions to proceed!

Click here to view our frequently asked questions about SmartBenefits.


Unused SmartBenefit funds for federal employees will be returned March 22 and The Commuter Store have been instructed by the US DOT TRANServe office to provide a full refund of all unused Electronic SmartBenefit funds from all federal employee customer accounts. Funds that are not used before 2 p.m. on March 21 will be returned to US DOT. Read more...
February 26, 2014,

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