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Split Payments

What are they? features the ability to split the total cost of an order between a personal credit card and an employer-sponsored debit/credit card, SmartBenefits, or vouchers (One-Time and Renewable Orders).

How does it work?

On the Payment Methods tab of the My Account page, you can add SmartBenefits, vouchers, and as many authorized employer-sponsored debit/credit cards as you'd like. Once you begin the One-Time Order checkout process, you'll have an opportunity to select up to two payment methods of different types. If you have a positive credit balance in your account (e.g., because of SmartBenefits that have been credited to you), you can also use these credits to pay for all or part of your one-time order.

For Recurring Orders, you can choose a default payment method, as well as, an employer-sponsored debit/credit card option. Your employer-sponsored card cannot be your default payment method.

Customers choosing to use split payment methods are solely responsible for the upkeep of their Recurring Orders, and release from any onus, liability, or monetary penalties caused by an order being billed to a default payment method when an employer-sponsored card is declined or SmartBenefits or vouchers are not received for any reason.

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